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  • Title : knitted curtain
  • Scope of work : Curtain for protecting resident's privacy and controlling amount of light
  • Completed : 2010
  • Location : Osaka,Japan
  • Site : Private house
  • Architects : qp
  • Material : Linen100%;213g/m^2
  • Size (width×height) : 2.9m×2m on flat (2m×2m in situ) ×10pc, 2m×4.6m on flat (2m×4.1m in situ) ×5pc, 2.9×2m on flat (1.8m×2m in situ) ×7pc, 0.7m×0.5m on flat (0.4m×0.5m in situ) ×2pc, 2.4m ×1.9m on flat (0.6m×2m in situ) ×4pc, 2.1m ×1.7m on flat (0.7m×1.6m in situ) ×4pc, 2.1m ×1.7m on flat (0.6m×1.6m in situ) ×5pc, 1m×1m on flat (same in situ) ×2pc
  • Total cloth surface : 114m^2
  • Overall cloth weight : 24.3kg
  • Photo credit : photo page/1.Masaomi Yonezu, 2-4.Ristuko Ashida, 5-6.Akane Moriyama
  • info page/all Akane Moriyama

This private house is situated in Showacho, downtown of Osaka, where houses are lined closely. In order to protect residents’ privacy each window needs different level of transparency according to floor levels and window direction. Semi-transparent linen fabrics are installed besides different windows varying the amount of fabrics: more in street level and less in upper floor. The character of weft-knitted fabric features curly edges, which brings soft and loose impression into space.