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  • Title : eight-layers-screen
  • Scope of work : View filtering and light controlling
  • Completed : 2012
  • Location : Nagoya,Japan
  • Site : Reception area at office building
  • Architects : Takenaka Corporation, Nagoya
  • Material : TreviraCS(Polyester100%);21g/m^2, PVC(2mm), Hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Size (width×height) : 10.4m×2.45m on flat (the same in situ) ×8pieces
  • Total cloth surface : 178.4m^2
  • Overall cloth weight : 8.5kg
  • Photo credit : photo page/1-3,7-11,14-18,20-24.Ristuko Ashida, 4-6,12-13,19.Akane Moriyama
  • info page/4,6,7.Akane Moriyama, 5.Kosuke Ishiguro

I made a screen in front of a 10.5m-glazed window in the reception area of office building. Situated in the middle of city of Nagoya, the view from the window is covered by neighbours’ monotone walls. The architects needed something mediating between inside and outside which blurs outside view but let through natural light. I proposed to install a transparent sandwich which consists of textile layers and air. 8 pieces of seemless fabric (W10.5m×H2.5m) are hung in 90cm in front of the windowside. 5 piece of the fabrics have laser-cut holes varying from 5mm-35mm square. Cut on very thin and transparent fabrics, it is not easily seen to which layer the hole belongs. This makes the depth of screen visually ambiguous. When visitors walk to another room from the reception, 70cm-thick layers of screen react to the movement of air made by them.