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  • Title : curtain for o house
  • Scope of work : Curtain for protecting residents' privacy and space divider
  • Completed : 2009
  • Location : Kyoto, Japan
  • Site : Private house
  • Architect : Hideyuki Nakayama Architecture, Tokyo
  • Material : Cotton100%;141g/m^2, Kevlar rope(4mm diameter), Aclyric tubes and Steel rings(façade), Cotton100%;141g/m^2(kitchen), TreviraCS water-resistant;150g/m^2(bathroom)
  • Size (width×height) : 6m×7.5m on flat (2m×7.1m in situ) for a façade curtain, 3m×3.45m on flat (1.58m×3.45m in situ) for a kitchen curtain, 1.5m×2.44-3.01m on flat (1.2-1.8m×2.44-3.01m in situ) for 4 pieces of bathroom dividers
  • Total cloth surface : 45m^2(façade), 4.7m^2(kitchen), 18m^2(bathroom)
  • Overall cloth weight : 6.4kg(façade), 0.7kg(kitchen), 2.7kg(bathroom)
  • Press : Magazine/GA houses 113, Mark Magazine #24 Feb/Mar 2010, JA Year Book 2009, Shinkenchiku 12/2009, Casa Brutus 119, Web/Designboom
  • Photo credit : photo page/1.Hideyuki Nakayama Architecture 2.Takumi Ota 3-17.Akane Moriyama,
    info page/3,6,8,10 and 11.Akane Moriyama 4.Hideyuki Nakayama Architecture 9.Shinichi Kawakatsu

I made a large yellowish gray curtain and some turquoise blue curtains for a private house with a 2m×7.1m glazed window in Kyoto. The large curtain for façade was to keep residents' privacy and protection against cold air. When a rope on the backside of the curtain is pulled, the drapery opens like a stage curtain. Its movement changes the character of living space by shifting the lights.