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  • Title : go blanc
  • Scope of work : Exhibition space for video installation
  • Completed : 2008
  • Location : Stockholm, Sweden
  • Site : Galleri Konstfack
  • Video Art : Eri Ito, Stockholm
  • Material : Polyester 100%;50g/m^2,
  • Size (width×height) : 1.45m×2.8m on flat (1.23m×2.8m in situ) ×135 pieces
  • Total cloth surface : 567m^2
  • Overall cloth weight : 28.4kg
  • Photo credit : Akane Moriyama

In December of 2008, I was asked to make a temporary video installation room in a gallery space in Stockholm. My proposal was to project moving images through the 14m-long "textile volume", which consisted of 45 layers of semi-transparent fabric. As visitors went into the narrow gallery filled with 2.8m-height textile, they gradually found the video work appearing three-dimensionally being projected on several layers of textile, which became clearer as they approached. This offered not only visual but also tactile experience to visitors when they went forward touching and opening the textile.