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  • Title : draped flowers
  • Scope of work : Textile design
  • Completed : 2010
  • Location : Stockholm, Sweden
  • Site : Café at Kosntfack
  • Material : Linen100%, Plastic tube
  • Size (width×height) : 12.6m×2.3m on flat (6.3m×2.3m in situ) × 3 pieces
  • Total cloth surface : 86.9m^2
  • Photo credit : photo and info page / Akane Moriyama

Fresh flowers picked from roadside are put in the pots inside the pockets of curtain. The combination of fresh flowers and flexible textiles becomes ever-changing vertical divider in the space, which alters its appearance, scent and texture all the time. People choose their favorite flowers to put on this drapery, which becomes an element of the space. Its landscape depends on the seasons, locations and the creator, while its scent, colour and transparency change.