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  • Title : curtain for a church in matsumoto
  • Scope of work : View filter, light controller and acourstic absorber
  • Completed : 2011
  • Location : Matsumoto,Japan
  • Site : Church
  • Architects : Katsunobu Tasho and Atsushi Ueda, 
(katsunobu tasho architecutre+un voice), Shinichi Kawakatsu(RAD), Kyoto
  • Material : TreviraCS(Polyester100%)
  • Size (width×height) : 3.6m×3.2m and 6.3m×3.2m on flat (3.0m×3.2m in situ)
  • Total cloth surface : 31.7m^2
  • Press : Magazine/ Architecture and Society(Kenchiku to Shakai) November 2011, web/Designboom, architecturephotonet
  • Photo credit : photo page/1,3-7 Katsunobu Tasho, 2 Shinichi Kawakatsu, info page/ Akane Moriyama

I made a curtain between chapel and office space in a small church in Matsumoto, Japan. The curtain was to soften direct sunlight from window in blue office space and to separate the white chapel space when needed. Two different weaves were used for this : a smooth fabric in office side and textured fabric in chapel side. Office side has more amount of fabric to blur window frame while chapel side has flat hung fabric so that the curtian look like to be a part of wall.