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  • Title : cubic prism
  • Completed : 2013
  • Location : Austin, United States
  • Site : Goldsmith Hall at The University of Texas at Austin
  • Sewing designer/production : Izumi Sato
  • Structural engineer : Konishi Yasutaka Structural Engineers
  • Cooperation : Michael Benedikt, Coleman Coker, Center for American Architecture and Design, The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture, Nagisa Kidosaki
  • Material : Polyester; 21g/m^2, Metal, PVC, Stainless wire
  • Size : W4.2m×H4.2m×D23.8m
  • Total cloth surface : 1100m^2
  • Overall cloth weight : 24kg
  • Press : designboom, Domus web
  • Photo credit : photo page/Akane Moriyama, info page/1-4,6-9 Akane moriyama, 5.Alison Steele/SOA VRC

As one of the winners of “Curtains” competition, we exhibited ‘Cubic Prism’ at courtyard of Goldsmith Hall at The University of Texas at Austin. It is a large cube-based structure made out of three different colors of textiles. Suspended between two buildings at the Goldsmith Hall in the university of Texas, Austin, the piece reacts to environmental factors, as the geometry of a rigid cube is replaced with soft semi-transparent fabrics. The installation’s opacity changes according to the way natural light is filtered through it, mixing the different colors – the transient prism continuously shifts its visual appearance. Hanging naturally between the surrounding buildings, the structure dramatically influences the nature of the square below.