Studio Akane Moriyama


Air is normally invisible. But as the pine trees on seashore are shaped by a sea breeze, the wind leaves tracks. In summer of 2022, Studio Akane Moriyama showed a new installation 12632g at the center of Stockholm. At the city’s main square, the installation made of more than1500m2 fabric works a medium to visualize the wind. Influenced by natural phenomenon, the fabric constantly changes its appearance. It sometimes reflects the light, absorbs the rain, creates layers of the shadows, and/or blurs the square in pale turquoise. Through the fabric, the viewless wind is transformed into the gentle movement of the light, the colour, and the shadow. The ever-changing installation offers the viewers a moment to see thing that were previously invisible. Things we rarely are conscious becomes objects of perception here.





Scope Installation

Completed 2022

Location Stockholm, Sweden

Site Sergels torg

Client På Sergels torg

Structural engineer Ramboll Sverige

Material Polyester; 8/m^2,Stainless wire

Total cloth surface 1579m^2

Total cloth weight 12632g

Photographer Sandro Sulaberidze, Gustav Ahlgren, Studio Akane Moriyama

Team Studio Akane Moriyama Akane Moriyama