Studio Akane Moriyama

Internal windows


Internal Windows plays with the typology of the window: a frame that stands as the threshold between interior and exterior, and whose material qualities enable phenomena such as the refraction of light, distorted shadows and fogged glass. Utilising knitted textiles by Kvadrat, Internal Windows examines the potential of textiles to similarly frame our perspective of a space.


Within the installation, sheets of coloured textile are rolled and placed within a semi-transparent volume that divides the space. As white light passes through the textile, the rolled tubes act as filters, tinting the other side of the space with colour washes. In Internal Windows, textiles become the medium through which a space is observed and defined.






Scope Design for Knitted fabric from Kvadrat

Completed 2020

Location Ebeltoft, Denmark

Client Kvadrat

Site Knit!project

Material Wool, Nylon

Size W5mxH1mxD0,2m

Photographer Luke Evans

Team Studio Akane Moriyama Akane Moriyama