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Textiles for Toberu












At the first email we received from the architects for this project, they wrote they wanted “Curtains like a living creature”. They told us the building would be covered with scratched tiles made in Tokoname, which would appear like a skin of animal. When we heard about “the skin”, we imagined textile in this building would become the second skin of the animal. The soft skin protects the body from severe environment while it camouflages itself to the surrounding. The textiles here should be something “the living creatures” find comfortable by intuition, for instance, feeling like to wrap yourselves with the fabrics and sleep deeply.


At this building, young researchers are invited to stay for several months so that they can deepen their researches. Since the building has different functions of space such as dining, kitchen, meeting rooms, library, and private rooms, different qualities of textile were chosen for each space. All textile materials are natural fibers and designed to be used for long life.


In the library, the cotton curtains for the large windows at the library softens the direct light from the west. The crispy organza was dyed in 22m-long gradient from white to brown which resembles the colour of the scratched tiles. The fabrics appear more translucent at the brown part while more opaque at the white part.


In the private rooms, hand-dyed wool screens are hanged at window sides. Protecting from cold air, it appears like a dim row of Kyoto mountains when the morning light comes. The bedcovers were dyed in pale ultramarine blue, and quilted with different geographical patterns.


In front of the little inner garden, a 8m-long silk curtain dances with breeze. Responding to the colours of tiles at the courtyard, the fabric was dyed from pale moss green to sky blue. 







Scope Textile objects for protecting residents' privacy, improvement of acoustics, and sun-shade

Completed 2019

Location Kyoto, Japan

Site "Toberu"/ Business incubation centre

Architect onishimaki+hyakudayuki architects / o+h, Tokyo

Material Cotton, Silk,and Wool

Size 250m2

Photographer Yasushi Ichikawa, Yurika Kono, Akane Moriyama

Team Studio Akane Moriyama Akane Moriyama