Studio Akane Moriyama

Reflected Roof

Studio Akane Moriyama and Danish artist Jesper Carlsen created the installation Reflected Roof for the 2014 exhibition Techne, n: A Convergence between Art, Craftsmanship and Architecture at Den Frie, Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark. The collaboration unfolds in an inverted, undulating roof – a transient experience within the space of the gallery. Responding to the temporality of the museum’s history, a museum which has been moved and reconfigured many times, the tent like structure is hung on the framework of the building and creates a translucent veil. A series of fans gently manipulate the textile into a sequence of changing formations that although programmed will never exactly repeat. The daylight, cast from windows above, falls onto and further through the fabric. As the angle of the light changes throughout the day colour, shadow and reflection is in constant flux.





Scope Installation

Completed 2014

Location Copenhagen, Denmark

Site Techne,n.: A Convergence between Art, Craftsmanship and Architecture at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art

Curation KWY

Artists Jesper Carlsen and Akane Moriyama

Material Textile, fans, computer, DMX converter, 4ch DMX dimmer

Size 10.4m×2.45m on flat (the same in situ) × 8 pieces

Room size W9.3m×D12.5m×H6m

Total cloth surface 135m^2

Total cloth weight 6.8kg

Photographer Akane Moriyama

Movie Kohei Matsumura

Team Studio Akane Moriyama Akane Moriyama