Studio Akane Moriyama

Yellow silk curtain

Studio Akane Moriyama made hand-dyed yellow silk curtains for a private home in Stockholm. The bottom part of the 7m wide silk fabric was dyed into a dandelion yellow – corresponding to the colour of a family heirloom carpet, inherited from the grandmother of the resident. The colour gradually fades upwards into the same whiteness as the ceiling. Made of light-weight silk, the curtain creates various expressions moment to moment, being influenced by the breeze, sunlight and hide-and-seek games.





Scope Curtain Design

Completed 2014

Location Stockholm, Sweden

Site Private apartment

Material Silk: 4.1g/ m^2

Size W7m×H3m

Total cloth surface 21m^2

Total cloth weight 86g

Photographer Akane Moriyama

Team Studio Akane Moriyama Akane Moriyama