Studio Akane Moriyama

House in Ishikiri

Studio Akane Moriyama created curtains for a children’s room in a private house by Tato Architects/Yo Shimada in Ishikiri, Osaka, Japan. Five different colours of semi-transparent fabric are hung all around the window side, creating overlapping colours in the space. The curtains are installed with clips and thus the combination of curtains and colours can be changed to vary the playful expression of the space continuously.





Scope Curtain design

Completed 2013

Location Ishikiri, Osaka, Japan

Site Private house

Architect Tato architects/Yo Shimada, Kobe

Material Polyester ;21g/m^2

Size 2.18m×0.75m×104pc

Total cloth surface 170m^2 (façade)

Total cloth weight 3.6kg

Photographer Yasushi Ichikawa, Akane Moriyama

Team Studio Akane Moriyama Akane Moriyama


Magasine Jutakutokusyu 2013:06