Studio Akane Moriyama

House in Ikoma

Studio Akane Moriyama designed curtains for a private house by French and Japanese architects Victor Lefebvre and Haruka Fuji in Nara, Japan. The client teaches music from a piano room in the house. For this room Studio Akane Moriyama created textiles to cover all walls and thus help adjust the acoustics. A double-high space in the house connects all rooms in the second floor, here thin double woven fabrics are used to ensure the privacy of each room. Woven with metal threads the curtains keep a slight reminiscence of touch and interaction with the user.





Scope Curtain Design

Completed 2011

Location Nara, Japan

Site Private house

Architect Victor Lefebvre and Haruka Fuji

Material Polyester90% / Metal10% 100g/m^2 (Piano room), Metal45% / Polyester40% / Cotton15% 116g/m^2 (Double-high hall), Cotton50% / Polyester50% 261g/m^2 and Trevira CS (Living room,Guest room and Bedroom)

Size WxH 5.6m×5.5m on flat (3.4m×5.5m in situ) ×2pieces, 4.2m×5.5m on flat (3.0m×5.5m in situ) ×2pieces for Piano room, 4.2m×3.0m on flat(3.0m×3.0m in situ) ×4pieces for Double high-hall, 3.6m×2.5m on flat (2.4m×2.5m in situ) ×2pieces, 3.75m×2.5m on flat (2.5m×2.5m in situ), 1.2m×1.0m on flat (0.8m×1.0m in situ) ×2pieces, 1.2m×0.8m on flat (0.8m×0.8m in situ) ×2pieces, 2.1m×1.5m on flat (1.4m×1.5m in situ), ×5pieces for Living room, guestroom and bedroom

Total cloth surface 53.9 m^2 (Piano room), 50.4 m^2 (Double high-hall),47.5 m^2 (Living room, Guest room and Bedroom

Total cloth weight 5.4kg (Piano room), 5.9kg (Double high-hall), (Living room, Guest room and Bedroom)

Photographer Haruka Fuji, Akane Moriyama

Team Studio Akane Moriyama Akane Moriyama