Studio Akane Moriyama

Pleated Partition

Studio Akane Moriyama created a space dividing curtains for an exhibition of seven students from Konstfack Master Program at Form Design Center Malmö, Sweden. The space diving curtains were made as a partition between entrance and exhibition space. Furthermore, the curtains underlined the graphic identity of the exhibition by displaying embroidered fragments of the work of German graphic designer Eva Jauss. Semi-transparent fabric was pleated and adorned with embroidery. The curtains, positioned in a 45-degree angle, created different experiences of the embroidered graphics when seen from either the entrance or museum shop.





Scope Divider

Completed 2009

Location Malmö, Sweden

Site Form Design Center Malmö

Graphic design Eva Jauss, Berlin

Material TreviraCS (Polyester100%) 100g/m^2

Size WxH 4.8m×2.1m×2pieces, 4m×2.1m×1piece

Total cloth surface 29.6m^2

Total cloth weight 3kg

Photographer Akane Moriyama

Team Studio Akane Moriyama Akane Moriyama